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It’s A start!


Today was a great day at The Studio, completed the “sandwich sign” for the front of the building,publicizing the awesome classes we have! So we placed it so all the traffic will see it…So here is hoping and prayin’ that we will reap a harvest!   Also today we got a phone call from the local newspaper, The Daily News Journal, to ask if they could come tomorrow and interview us…..and take pictures!!! Woohoo!!! YES, PLEASE DO! More to come on that! ALSO I made my first money to speak of today! Yep that’s right, don’t be jealous!! Not everyone can be so lucky…took a lot of hard work to earn that twenty!! This is the first “seed money” planted in this mission of mine and I thank Ms. Vivian for this opportunity! Someday when we are doing so good we can hire people to work for us and we can just stand around and look wise (and pretty!) we will look back on these days and laugh and probably miss them!  Stay tuned…it is only going to get better!


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4 thoughts on “It’s A start!

  1. So, I am confused??? You teaching or owner??

  2. Good for you!