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…watcha waiting for?


English: A palette of watercolours and a brush...

English: A palette of watercolours and a brush. Deutsch: Wasserfarben und Pinsel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days my time is filled with creating new canvas ideas and I love every minute. It is my goal to have, not the run of the mill choices but the problem is that people, many times really like the “cute” stuff! The Artsy girl in me shudders at the thought but the needy girl in me goes ahead and paints the usual stuff. That is until painting on velvet comes back around….then I will have to cry foul!

I believe I could honestly sit in a room and paint for days….of course that makes it kinda hard to survive in the business world though. Nonetheless this is a fun time.


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I am an ARTIST….a writer….lover of Daisies and Trees and more oops almost forgot.. the wife of a wonderful preacherman!

12 thoughts on “…watcha waiting for?

  1. well if you branch out to dublin let me know 🙂

  2. I wish you good luck in what you are doing! I know so many people here, in Atlanta, who uses ‘social networking’ art group. My daughter took me to one on Mother’s Day and it was so much fun! That place calendar is always full and they only have one small room (and they take up to 30 people per class). You can do it!

    • awe thanks so much for the encouragement…I think it will fly, we just need to be found! and the great thing is the local newspaper came to do an interview yesterday (took pics and doing interview next week) so that will be a big break! yeah us! We will be giving alot of attention to the folks so i think it will be great…. thanks so much! btw, I love Atlanta, lived there for a couple of years a looong time ago(high School)

  3. Thank you for your ‘follow’. I am honored and delighted. Keep in touch 🙂 Best wishes. Yelena